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Singer/Songwriter - Western  Entertainer


Have you ever watched a movie cowboy as he makes his graceful ride...


off into the sunset...  Now that's something that I've tried


Seems all you get to do is ride along until the sun goes down


Then all it is is dark and a long ride back to town

Much of the best cowboy poetry is a result of misunderstandings which in turn lead to bad decisions.

Speaking of bad decisions, I've come to believe that calling myself a  "singer-songwriter/cowboy poet"  is not the best solution when trying to decide on a title to describe what it is I do.  The default assumption seems to be that one doesn't excel at either one of those disciplines. I have therefore opted for the title "Western Entertainer" with music, songwriting, poetry and story telling as tools of equal importance to do the job which is, after all, to entertain the audience.

I cannot take you somewhere I have not been



Because the audiences we perform for often include people with a cowboy/ranching background, it's very important that the storylines, even those that are obviously fictional, have the ring of truth to them.  I believe that in order to write convincing cowboy poetry or prose it is essential to have some kind of cowboy/horseman background.  There are, however, performers who may not necessarily have that kind of background, and yet excel at performing other artist's pieces. They seem to be able to recognize authentic material even if they may not have been able to have written it themselves.  These performers are an important resource to some very good writers who struggle with performance.  Some good musicians, for example, have been able to make excellent songs using poems written by others as their raw materials. 

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Western Entertainment

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Ed Brown Cowboy Poet

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